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Up IBM 3800 Laser Printer


Each of these photos can enlarged by clicking on them.  Use your browser's return button to get back to this page.  If you get the idea we like dogs and camping - you're right!  There are more photos in the Genealogy pages.

History of IBM's first laser printer
hough_family.gif (88250 bytes) Betty's dad, "Bud" and his wife Dorothy at his 78th birthday party.  Betty and her daughter, Tracie, are shown too.
ray&steve.jpg (13249 bytes) Ray and his son, Steve.
b_fish.jpg (16259 bytes) Betty had a great day fishing near Tahoe.  We'd spent a week camping with our dogs at Snow Flower.
ew_camp.jpg (25077 bytes) We hiked 12 miles into the Emigrant Wilderness near Yosemite.  Here's our campsite at 9,000 feet.  Absolutely quiet with not a soul around.   Wonderful!
ew_fire.jpg (15064 bytes) After a long day of hiking, nothing beats roasting marshmallows, a hot cup of chocolate, and a book!


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