Mom's BD


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Mom Froess celebrates her 91st birthday on July 21, 2000

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Top row: Julie & Matt Froess, David Vachon, Joan & Phil Froess, Steve & Teresa (in front) Froess, Rocky Vachon, Ray Froess, Michael Vachon,  Michael Froess w/ Mikayla
Middle row: Tracie Spehar w/ April, Margie Froess, Marguerite Froess w/ Heather (in front), Chris & Sarah (in front) Beauchamp w/ Meagan, Rachel w/ Maximilian & Paul DeBecker
Front row: Marian Vachon, Mom (Marguerite AKA Margo) Froess, Kevin, Justin, (dog?), Mike Froess
Squatting: Andrew Froess

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