Dennis & Tracie


Congratulations to Dennis & Tracie Spehar

They've just had their first baby, a perfect petite little girl.
Tracie is Betty's daughter by her first marriage.

Name - April Marie Spehar
Length: 19 inches
Weight: 5 lb - 4.5 oz
Born: August 19, 1999 at 5:45pm

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april-tracie.jpg (11370 bytes)
Only two more days and I'm out of here.
I'm about 10 minutes old. april-weight.jpg (12256 bytes)
OK, I weigh 2395 grams.  Now get me off this cold thing!
april.jpg (15169 bytes)
It's about time they wrapped me up!
april-tracie2.jpg (20038 bytes)
I think mom's tired.
april-dennis.jpg (13276 bytes)
My dad sure is proud.
april-betty.jpg (14060 bytes)
Grandma, I'm really just yawning.

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