Xara vom Younghaus
German Shepherd 

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Xara was born in Hawaii on March 22, 2003.  She's from the vom Younghaus Shepherds on the big island, Hawaii in the city of Hakalau.  She began her trip to us June 23 from the Hilo airport, 16 miles South. 

First she flew to Honolulu, changed planes, and continued to San Francisco.  I'm sure Xara was excited.


Ahron vom Emsbogen
"a" normal, German Import Asko v.d. Lutter BS x Werra v. Staalhamer

Terra Ty vom Younghaus
"a" stamp Dax wilden Rauberbande x Diamond Younghaus
These are pictures of my parents: dad on the left and mom on the right. 

You can click their name to see their pedigree.

6/23/03 - Our first meeting. 

"Are you my new mommy person?"  Licky-licky.  "Let me out of here.  I've been in this crate all day and I gotta do you know what!"

"Finally, I'm out of that crate and this new mommy person helped me find a place to...well, you know what.  Now let's go home - it's been a long day.  Am I too late for a little dinner?  I flew cargo and all I got was water, not even a bag of nuts."
"Well, I just got up.  Mom gave me this bone and dad's trying to take my picture.  But there's too much to explore for me to wait and 'pose' while he focuses the camera."
"I found this neat tree (Loquat) in the yard where I can sneak a snack when I'm hungry - which is most of the time.  But my mom keeps an eye on what I eat so I don't get fat."
"Here I am running and dad's still trying to get a good picture of me.  I'm running so fast my tail is straight out in the wind!"
6/25/03 - "Today was really hot (95 degrees) and I wanted a cool spot to rest.  This is great.  I've heard some dogs are scaredy-cats - afraid of the water and everything.  I'm not.  Now, I think I'll take a nap,  if you don't mind!"
"Here's a new friend, Bentley.  We're supposed to "socialize" but I don't know... He's looking kinda funny at mom.  Today's even hotter than yesterday.  It reached 100.7 which is the 2nd hottest day in two years."
7/4/03  "I'm a big girl now - 15 weeks old.  This was my first hike in a county park called Fremont Older.  It sure was exciting.  I saw a lady fall off her bike, found lots of things to sniff and explore, and got treats from mom for being such a  good girl."
7/12/03 - "Finally, my 'peach fuzz' is going and my real coat is coming in.  I'm going to be dark like my parents.  It won't be too long before the guys start to whistle - I mean bark.

"Mom's  found a few permanent teeth coming in too."

"Today is rather nice.  I just snagged a few loquats and ate them seeds and all.  As soon as my dad finishes taking pictures I'm going to have a nap."
7/18/03 - "Thought you'd like to see me learning how to 'stack' which means to stand in a modeling pose.  (I did my part but my dad cut off my tail and has his shadow in the picture.)  I think I look pretty good.  By the way, it's ok to send me a birthday present early - I'll be 4 month-old in 4 days."
7/22/03 - "Today's my birthday and I'm 4 months old.  Mom said that I had to go swimming.  So she made this makeshift harness and coaxed me into the water.  Hey, I already know how to swim (dog-paddle)...see!"  It was actually quite refreshing as it was hot.  Mom was happy that my coat dried so fast too."
7/23/03 - "Guess I'm getting to be a real trooper as I was able to sleep in the tent.  Camping was great!   Lots of things to sniff out.  I just love to catch bugs and there were lots of them to eat.  Mom laughed when I ate a few ants... and moths and grasshoppers are especially tasty.  I think I'm ready to go on the "Fear Factor" TV show."
7/29/03 - "Wow!  I figured out how to jump on the big bed by myself!   Guess mom really trusts me now as she let me sleep on it this morning.  I was as still as I could be so they wouldn't kick me off.  Actually, I slept in until mom got up at 8:30 am.  I  think my growling stomach awoke her as I was starved."
9/18/03 - "Well, I finished my puppy class.  See my diploma!  I had a variety of classmates but I was the prettiest of them all.  My instructor was German so she was familiar with my commands."
10/3/03 - "This was my 3rd camping adventure.  This was great - lots of smells to investigate.  I'm overlooking Blue Lake near Tahoe at 8,000 feet.  I love to go on hikes, climbing over logs and rocks, and sniffing everywhere.  I practiced swimming in the huge lake behind me too.  I'm now 21-1/2" at the withers and weigh 45 lbs." 
10/14/03 - "We stayed 4 days outside Tioga Pass (Yosemite) at 10,000 feet.  It dropped to 20 degrees at night so I was glad to be inside our tent.  One day we hiked to a ghost town, Bennettville.  I saw these ducks, so I went after them - of course they took off - cowards..."
"Well, I got better at swimming.  My folks would throw the stick into the lake and I'd carry it back.  This was lots of fun.  I figure this was good practice as I have to be a good swimmer to chase ducks."
"After our 5-mile hike, I wasn't tired at all.  So we went fishing but didn't have any luck.  But while sniffing around the squirrel holes, I found one that smelled very interesting.  I started digging but didn't find anyone home.  (I hope the squirrels aren't mad that I messed up their tunnels.)"
"Well, it's time to go home.  I guess they don't think I'm a baby anymore as I had to carry my own stuff with my own backpack.  Actually, it wasn't too bad and I think my parents were proud of me as I didn't fuss about wearing it at all.  (Their backpacks were huge compared to mine.)  Our hike out was only about 1 mile so it wasn't too bad for my first time backpacking.
"Finally!  My first birthday, I'm one year old.  It's sure great to be a big girl now.  I'm 24" tall at the withers and weigh 60 lbs.  I'm alert, intelligent, and good looking too - what else could you ask for?  I enjoy going down to the school and playing with 15 to 20 doggy friends of all breeds.  What endurance!  I can chase a tennis ball for around an hour with barely getting tired.
Here I am, August 2, 2005 at 28 months.  I'm tired of posing.  I'd rather be sniffing out the wildlife smells.  This is great out in the mountains.  I've found lizards, squirrels, mice, frogs, stink bugs, etc.  You never know what's next to discover and track.
I'm always ready to jump out of the truck to play ball behind the church.  Here I am just waiting to be released - then I'll spring out of the truck and tear off to the field.
"I just can't wait to get the ball!"
"How long do I have to wait for you to take my picture?  I want to chase the ball some more."
Goodbye, sweet Xara.  August 4, 2005.

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