San Francisco Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue

San Francisco Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing, fostering and finding new homes for purebred German Shepherd dogs. Their first priority is to adoptable dogs in shelters, especially dogs facing euthanasia. They also help owners who need to find new homes for their pets.

Betty volunteered to work as a fosterer with some of the more difficult dogs until they were adopted.

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Vilia - Jan. 26, 2003



Wrocky - Feb. 16, 2003

We'd heard that Wrocky was an escape artist and easily climbed fences.  We confirmed his reputation as he easily 'sailed' over the gate.  So Betty put him back in the yard, Ray got his camera, and here he is.  With a little help from Photoshop, click here to see what he can really do!  Actually, once Wrocky decided that he was loved, he would only jump the fence when he heard Betty go somewhere without him.

Wrocky was a fun dog.  When we'd watch TV, he'd love to climb on our laps.  Sometimes he'd watch the program too. 

In the yard, he'd entertain himself by sneaking up on flies and other bugs, then with a high leap he'd pounce on them.  What a riot.

He was a hit with Betty's Cub Scouts.  He even had a part in a skit at our Pack Meeting...Wrocky was a real star.  The boys sure miss him.

Ulla - Apr. 2, 2003

Ulla apparently had a bad association with vehicles and reacted to being in them with much anxiety.  Betty started feeding her in the 4Runner and after a few days she would willingly jump in to be fed.  It took a lot of work to  get her to travel well.  She was just starved for affection and responded well to



Ziggy -May. 12, 2003

Ziggy just wants love - lots of love.  She never tired of  being petted, playing, or being hugged.  She's a live wire, just full of energy, yet she was calm in the house.  She had an eye on our bed and would have willingly adopted it as her bed too.

She didn't get into mischief and quickly learned.  However, she had a bit of a stubborn streak but was surprisingly responsive to firm and consistent corrections.  Food wasn't wasn't much of a motivator either, unless it was cheese - she'd do quite a bit for a tiny morsel.  She didn't like water and would shy away from hearing or seeing the hose.  She decided that our home was her place and appropriately alert barked at potential intruders, yet  she never showed any aggression to us or any visitors to our home.  A great little gal.

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