Our second 21 mile, 3-day backpacking trip in Pt. Reyes
May 21 - 23, 2002 

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For this trip to Wildcat,  we parked at the Bear Valley Ranger Station Headquarters and hiked nearly 7-3/4 miles to the Wildcat campground which is at the bottom of the red line.  The next day we hiked to Arch Rock (near Millers Point) and back to camp for a round trip of another 8 miles.  On the third day, we hike out the way we came in for a total hike of about 24 miles.
Here's our campsite with metal food storage lockers and tables.  This is a good time to come as there's lots of greenery and hardly anyone around.  In the mustard, just 50 feet away from us will be Tule deer feeding in the morning and evening.  Occasionally, their heads will pop up as they move about.
Breakfast time.  Here's Betty's kitchen rather sparse with a one-burner camp stove inside the fold-up wind screen, 4-days of gas in the red fuel bottle, two pots and an all-purpose lid/sauce pan.
The next day, we decided to take a day hike to Arch Rock.  We didn't bring a tripod so we took a photo of each other, then using the magic of Photoshop, added Betty to Ray's photo.  (Note that the angle of our shadows are different.)
Higher up the road we have a great view of the camp area, valley, and beach on the Pacific ocean.  This time we had the whole area to ourselves.
As we began our hike North to Arch Rock we could see Pelican Lake to the South of our Wildcat campsite.
Guess what kind of birds these are?

(Answer: Pelicans  - but they aren't at Pelican Lake but flying over Arch Rock.)

Arch Rock was formed by the ocean eroding a hole through the peninsula jutting out to the left.  We tried hiking down to the beach but it got too scary to try and climb along the wall near the bottom.  One slip and we'd fall 15 feet into the ocean - not a good idea.
After 20 minutes of hiking further down the coast we turned around to see this spectacular view up the coast of Drakes Bay.
And turning around, we're headed inland but from here you can see the point on the horizon we hiked past last year.

After dinner and watching the sunset, we crawled into our sleeping bags for a good rest for our trip home the next day.

Breaking camp early, we hiked out.  Along the way we encountered the Banana Slug.  This fellow was about 7" long.
We welcomed this last stretch of our hike as it was level and well shaded.  Overall this hike was longer with greater elevation gain than the hike we did last year to Wildcat.

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