June 25 - 30, 2001 

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LADASA is the annual young women's camp for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Saratoga Stake  Betty was responsible for 4th-year girl's certification which involves taking the 15 year-old girls on an overnight hike and having them cook outdoors.
Starting from headquarters in Big Basin State Park at noon, the girls hiked about 10 miles to the Twin Redwoods campground where they camped overnight.  In the morning, they hiked two more miles to Waddell Beach on the coast of the Pacific ocean.  Each girl carried her own food, water, sleeping bag, clothes, and other personal items in a backpack.  There were 4 groups of 6 girls each.  They cooked their own meals, cleaned up, pumped water, and learned the basics of backpack camping.
Leaving park headquarters a little after noon, we hiked a little more than a mile to reach the summit, a climb of 400 feet.  While taking a break, Jacque Hegstrom, one of the counselors and a seasoned backpacker, shows the girls how to get the kinks out of their backs.
Three miles and 1-1/2 hours into the hike, it was time for lunch.  Off came the backpacks and out came the snacks.  Twenty minutes later, we resumed the trek.
When we reached the Waddell creek crossing, Betty taught the girls how to use the water filters to refill their water bottles.  Off course, they used this opportunity to pull off their boots and cool their weary feet in the creek.
Five miles from the start, we reached Berry Creek Falls.  Two other counsels, Jen Coy and Rosie Baker, pause to enjoy the view.
After hiking about 10 miles, we reached Twin Redwoods camp where we'd spend the night.  Everyone was ready to take off their backpacks and have dinner.
Hurry up and take the picture, we're hungry!
We just love our home cooking! 
What do you mean I spilled something on the floor?
We're not afraid of raccoons.
And in the morning... "Don't take my picture!"
After a good night's rest, it was time for breakfast.
Time to pack up, leave camp, and head for the ocean.

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