Our hike in Coe Park
October 24, 2000 

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coe_map.jpg (103576 bytes)
The dotted grid lines are 1 mile apart.

Betty and I went back to Coe Park for a hike and to see if we could find more tarantulas.  This hike was 5.6 miles and was quite hilly.  Click on the map to the left and you'll see the route and the elevation profile. 
frog_pond.jpg (47018 bytes) About 3/4 of the way around the loop is Frog Lake.  This is where the wild pigs hang out as the ground is all torn up.  Betty is standing next to this old oak that has "steps"  jutting out of its trunk.  The lake is in the background.
tree.jpg (64213 bytes) Here's a better view of the trunk.  We saw one other tree with the same strange trunk.
return.jpg (41772 bytes) Only 1/2 mile to go as we descend on the Coe ranch.
tarantula_ray2.jpg (38340 bytes) Oh, we did find another tarantula.

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